• Interactive Online Fashion

    Apparelate adds interactivity to your store.
    Allow your customers to feel the clothes you are selling.

  • Throw away the measuring tape!

    The Mesher iOS app recommends a size for your customer without the need for measuring tape
    An inexpensive, simple and fun way to reduce the return of bought clothes.

  • Increased Sales

    The Mesher software significantly increases sales for our customers.

  • Reduced Return Rate

    By giving your customer more relevant information, you can drastically reduce the amount of returned items.

  • Easy to Set Up

    All the Mesher products are designed to be ridiculously easy to set up. One line of html and you are ready to go.

  • Happy Customers

    Good relationships are built on trust. Increase customer loyalty by giving your customers what they want.

  • Technology Development Fund
    Research Grant
  • Innovation Center Iceland
    Research Grant
  • Ideon Innovation
    Startup Incubator
  • Startup Reykjavik
  • KTH Innovation
  • Arion Bank
  • VIC Studio
    Visualization Lab
  • Icewear

Mesher has software and services for all sizes of retailers. Increase your sales today!


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